My Visit to El Amor de Dios, August 2018

It was wonderful to be able to pay a visit to Casa Hogar El Amor de Dios. When I arrived at the home I was immediately greeted by the children. Two of the girls then took me by the hand and gave me a guided tour. They were obviously excited to be able to show me around.

I was particularly impressed with the hairdressing studio. Later, Jose told me that all the girls learn how to cut hair. In the future, they can use these skills to earn some money cutting other people’s hair or save some money by cutting their own families’ hair.

The children were preparing to take part in a dance competition the following Saturday. They all put on a show for me so that I could see what they had been practicing.

At lunchtime the children would not eat anything until I had started. Jose explained to me that, as their guest, I had to take the first bite of food!

I gave each child a little bookmark with a Bible verse in English. Many of the children came to ask me what it said and to practice some English!

After lunch Jose showed me photographs of the history of the home. It was amazing to see the transformation in the home from when they first purchased it. It was heart breaking to hear the stories of the background of some of the children.

Before leaving I was able to briefly chat to some of the girls as they did their homework.

It was a short but wonderful visit. It was lovely to meet Jose, Gloria and the children face to face.

Roberta, C.E.F.

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