Fifty Thousand. It’s a big number… a huge number. It’s what it cost to replace the “Paracutec Hilton” with a custom-built addition to the buildings at Casa Hogar El Amor de Dios: a new (third) storey containing two dormitories and a play room. The “Paracutec Hilton” is where the older girls used to sleep: a ….  Read More

School Uniforms

As any parent will tell you, kitting a child out for school does not come cheap. When the children number in the dozens the concept of hand-me-downs and the need for a good sewing machine for repairs assume vital importance, as can be well imagined. On one of our visits to Peru, we were able ….  Read More

Pepe’s difficult years

When Emily first went to Peru, one little boy who captured her heart was Pepe.  (This was a familiar nickname the people at New Hope had given him.)  His mother had thrown him out of her house and made him live in the barn with the animals from a very early age.  He had been ….  Read More

My Visit to El Amor de Dios, August 2018

It was wonderful to be able to pay a visit to Casa Hogar El Amor de Dios. When I arrived at the home I was immediately greeted by the children. Two of the girls then took me by the hand and gave me a guided tour. They were obviously excited to be able to show ….  Read More

Emily Peru Hope Trust Annual Reports: 2016/7

Annual Report 2016/7. The Trust was created in memory of the initial Trustees’ daughter Emily.  The intention was to facilitate and maximise the potential for her legacy primarily to benefit orphaned and abandoned children such as she had met and helped in Peru, and to follow up on her other Christian interests and activities as ….  Read More